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Name: Chelly Chen
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MSN: tyweiscrew@hotmail.com SKYPE: challychen

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ZhouShan Tywei Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of screw barrels, bimetallic screw barrels, extruder screw barrels and twin conical screw barrels for injection molding machinery and extruder,  and also we can supply the gear box, heaters, high melt pressure temperature gauge, sensors, etc. related spare parts for plastic machinery. We have a professional design team with over a decade of experience in the screw barrel field, and use advanced technology and full manufacturing equipment sourced from Japan and the Taiwan area. What's 

more, we have implemented a comprehensive quality management system in order to keep our service highly efficient and effective.

Our products sell well in the United States of America, Italy, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, South East Asia, South American and South Africa. Of these items, our bimetallic barrels (TB1, TB3, TB5, TB7) and special screw barrels (TPT1, TPT2, TPT3, TPT5) have been widely used by domestic and overseas customers.

Our success depends on your success. Providing customers with comprehensive experience and solutions, we warmly welcome companies from all over the world to visit us to build up long term relationships!



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